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"The workshops put on by Wisdom Journeys attract a community of like minds and give a deeper understanding of Jungian Psychology. Together the facilitators create a safe space so that participants are able to easily open one up to deeper self-love and understanding."

"The course I attended allowed me a safe environment to explore the inner depths of my own personal myths, the experience was truly a gift."

"The instructors were wonderful and held safe space for our group. I felt very comfortable and safe and therefore was able to relax and participate. This is very important to me. They were open, inclusive, and in love with the subjects being taught. Brava, brava!"

"I have sought my entire life to discover my tribe, and I feel that by experiencing this magical event that I have finally landed in sacred lands and hands."

"This workshop was very personally stimulating! I feel that each participant had a deep experience. I was very happy to meet people with the same interests, similar experience, and similar spiritual pursuits."


"I loved the experiential exploration of myths and archetypes through expressive arts and discussion. Bravo and many thanks."

"I enjoyed the self-care that I received by attending as well as learning how to use these tools and theories with clients."

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